Residential Solar Energy Systems

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Get Greener NRG Residential Solar Energy Systems
Get Greener NRG  Residential Solar Energy Systems

Residential Solar Energy Systems

Conditioned to dependence on the grid, many homeowners haven’t discovered how affordable, easy and rewarding the switch to solar energy can be.

In order to make the most out of your green energy switch, it is essential that your system is designed specifically for your family’s needs now and into the future.

Analysis is required to understand what size system is required to generate the amount of energy you need and how to execute the design and install of that system to ensure it delivers as promised over time.

A specialist and deliberate review will be required of:

● Your roof structure
● Your home’s orientation
● Surrounding buildings and fauna
● Council or strata management permissions where applicable
● Current energy use
● Predicted changes to future energy use

Our certified team are highly experienced and specialised not only to create the best design and install for your needs, but to build this with a long-term vision to your family’s future, from the resale value of your home, to your children’s children enjoyment of cleaner air and water.

We will work through all of your questions and considerations to determine how best to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and save thousands on your energy bill.

The Benefits of Solar
Solar is a long-term solution to a problem that has been building up in our atmosphere since the industrial revolution. Look around your home and see the number of devices, appliances and pieces of equipment that rely on electrical energy. Your kitchen or your bathroom could not function without it.

In addition to the need for business owners to take up their respective roles at the forefront of the clean energy revolution and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the production of their products and services, we need to match and encourage that effort by doing the same in our homes.

Failure to take these inevitable steps means:

● A much slower, stalled or abandoned recovery from the Earth’s greenhouse gas pollutants.
● A more difficult, rushed or expensive transition when your hand will be forced by necessity as fossil-fuels continue to be phased out, impacting even the car you will be able to buy.
The Process
Get Greener NRG isn’t just about Solar. Our goal is to reduce your energy costs and improve our environment; not just once but over and over again in the years to come.

When you engage our services we will:

● Assess how and when you use electricity to analyse what is going to work best for you.
● Where relevant, recommend a change of electricity provider or tariff to increase your solar savings even more.
● Individually tailor the highest quality solar power system to maximise electricity generation.
● Provide a comprehensive service throughout the design and install process.
● Provide post-install support, inclusive of a 5-year 100% money back-guarantee and product warranty claim support in the unlikely event it is needed.