Commercial Solar Systems

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Commercial Solar Systems Get Greener NRG
Commercial Solar Systems Get Greener NRG

Commercial Solar Systems

It is astonishing to think of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are generated through commercial practice around the country.

Every product or service we engage with generates air and/or water pollution through the production of energy, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Every electrical component in your business:

a) Has been manufactured by another business, also generating CO2
b) Requires electrical energy to function and, therefore, enable you to provide your service.

Lights, machinery, transport, packaging, air temperature control, computers/phones/devices, stationery, catering, alarm systems, hot water, entertainment units, cleaning equipment, product manufacture, systems upgrades, building construction and maintenance...the list goes on and on and on.

Each one of these components and so many more result in the production of greenhouse gas emissions and the choking of our planet with carbon dioxide. The resultant environmental instability creates human vulnerability as we struggle to adapt, and in some cases even to survive the change.

Rebates and flexible payment options make solar energy a highly viable and attractive means by which to save thousands on running costs as you slash your power bills beyond anything you thought possible.

Day time operators get the maximum benefit of solar as your full energy use can be powered by the sun, while night time operators can use battery storage during the day to power their businesses at night and the bigger your system, the more money you will save.

Zero $ Up Front with a GetGreener NRG Solar Operating Lease*

*For qualified businesses. Ask us how?

The Benefits of Solar
Solar is a long-term solution to a problem that has been building up in our atmosphere since the industrial revolution. Look around your home and see the number of devices, appliances and pieces of equipment that rely on electrical energy. Your kitchen or your bathroom could not function without it.

In addition to the need for business owners to take up their respective roles at the forefront of the clean energy revolution and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the production of their products and services, we need to match and encourage that effort by doing the same in our homes.

Failure to take these inevitable steps means:

● A much slower, stalled or abandoned recovery from the Earth’s greenhouse gas pollutants.
● A more difficult, rushed or expensive transition when your hand will be forced by necessity as fossil-fuels continue to be phased out, impacting even the car you will be able to buy.
The Process
Get Greener NRG isn’t just about Solar. Our goal is to reduce your energy costs and improve our environment; not just once but over and over again in the years to come.

When you engage our services we will:

● Assess how and when you use electricity to analyse what is going to work best for you.
● Where relevant, recommend a change of electricity provider or tariff to increase your solar savings even more.
● Individually tailor the highest quality solar power system to maximise electricity generation.
● Provide a comprehensive service throughout the design and install process.
● Provide post-install support, inclusive of a 5-year 100% money back-guarantee and product warranty claim support in the unlikely event it is needed.