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29 Apr, 2020

Support where you need it Most

It’s only natural to step back and make wise investment decisions during this unprecedented time. Luckily, there’s support where you need it most ⬇️! As of April 2, 2020, the Govt’ of Austr ...

19 Apr, 2020

Here's why you Should Switch to Solar Today

Adjusting to the new normal might include being more conscientious of our spending habits… It’s common to protect your investments at this time…but here’s one expense that m ...

12 Apr, 2020

We're More than just a Provider of Solar

Our world might be slowing down intermittently, but we are working really hard for YOU 💥. As an essential service, we have been doubling down on our safety processes, protecting our clients, whil ...

5 Apr, 2020

We Value Education

Is your home prepared for the “new normal”? With new guidelines in place to #stayathome, you’re energy usage is likely to go ⬆️… But in truth, your bill doesn’t ne ...

29 Mar, 2020

Why Make the Switch Now? Here's Why

NEW SUPPORT PACKAGE ANNOUNCED 💥. Recent government support measures were launched in response to COVID-19. This instant asset write-off extensions. This means that customers can now invest in up ...

22 Mar, 2020

The Government's New Incentives is one Reason to go Solar

Did you hear the news 💥? The Coalition announced a plan to boost the instant asset write-off from $25,000 to $30,000 for small to medium businesses in the proposed new 19-20 Federal Budget. This ...