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19 Aug, 2020

A Slick Sales Pitch Isn't Enough!

Don’t let a slick sales pitch and a cheap quote be the reasons for working with a particular installer 💥! Cheaper doesn’t always mean better when it comes to performance… In fa ...

12 Aug, 2020

The Proper Process in Switching to Solar Starts with This

It’s nearly impossible for a solar provider to look at your commercial facility or home and know exactly what kind of system you should invest in ☝️. The best and most reputable way to ensu ...

5 Aug, 2020

How your Providers might be Cutting Costs

Be aware 💥! There are other ways providers might be cutting costs… It’s rare but it happens – solar providers will only send their CEC accredited installer to inspect the work once ...

29 Jul, 2020

Don't Fall Into the Slick Sales Pitch

Cheaper quotes, a faster turnaround time and a slick sales pitch… It can be tempting to fall for all of this when making the switch to solar. It’s important to remember that every doll ...

22 Jul, 2020

What you should Know about Government Rebates

Government rebates and initiatives gives businesses more reasons to make the switch to solar 👍. This gives more opportunities for sales people, consultants and installers to hit the ground runnin ...

15 Jul, 2020

No Fuss Switch to Solar

Solar may be a “new-ish” concept, but we believe that making the switch should be relatively no-fuss too! Our team is genuinely committed to the change, recommending the best system for y ...