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4 Jul, 2021

Experience Decades of Experience

We have years of experience and our pricing is guaranteed for the life of your system, so you can rest easy! Our qualified electrical engineers are working side by side with our own CEC accredited el ...

27 Jun, 2021

Making an Informed Decision with our Team

We’ll help you make an informed decision before making such an important purchase that will last 20 to 25 years. Our team of experts have installed more renewable energy solutions than ANY other so ...

20 Jun, 2021

What you can Expect when Working with Our Team

Wondering who to trust with your solar installation? Look no further than our team at GetGreener NRG! We provide top quality workmanship, beginning with the layout and design of your solar system rig ...

13 Jun, 2021

The Payback Period for Solar Products (it's a lot Quicker than you Think!)

The end of the exclusive solar feed-in tariffs and high feed-in tariffs in Australia means battery storage is more effective than ever to store power. Not only can you use solar power at your home or ...

6 Jun, 2021

Why Spend Money on Quality Products?

It can be a big decision to invest in solar power, but spending that much money on quality products that will last makes sense. Not only does Australia offer several financial incentives for installi ...

30 May, 2021

Our Product Selection is Built to Last

Solar panel performance can degrade over time. Our quality hand-picked products have a warranty that offers you peace of mind in case a problem arises. It’s worth thinking about the lifespan of you ...

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