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Why Cheaply Priced Products Doesn't Benefit Anyone...


There’s a reason why we never recommend cheaply priced products (and NO this isn’t because of a sales tactic) ⬇️. It’s extremely rare to invest in a cheap solar product that actually lasts, performs well and has a solid warranty. The reality is this – buying a cheaper product guarantees that there’s more priority on getting your installation done cheaply than properly. It’s also important to emphasise that paying more for your solar panels doesn’t mean you can skimp on investing in its smaller parts! Whether they are small components or as large as your panels, cheap products are notorious for performing poorly, breaking down quickly and, having little to no Australian presence (being manufactured overseas) makes a warranty claim extremely taxing or downright impossible. You don’t necessarily have to buy the best and most expensive system on the market…there are plenty of mid-priced products that offer a solid performance. Do your research, budget wisely and don’t skimp on quality products! For more tips, download our eBook - “Top 7 Solar Mistakes that Solar Consultants Won’t Tell You”: