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5 Apr, 2020

We Value Education

Is your home prepared for the “new normal”? With new guidelines in place to #stayathome, you’re energy usage is likely to go ⬆️… But in truth, your bill doesn’t ne ...

29 Mar, 2020

Why Make the Switch Now? Here's Why

NEW SUPPORT PACKAGE ANNOUNCED 💥. Recent government support measures were launched in response to COVID-19. This instant asset write-off extensions. This means that customers can now invest in up ...

22 Mar, 2020

The Government's New Incentives is one Reason to go Solar

Did you hear the news 💥? The Coalition announced a plan to boost the instant asset write-off from $25,000 to $30,000 for small to medium businesses in the proposed new 19-20 Federal Budget. This ...

15 Mar, 2020

Learn more about our Solar Operating Lease

We’re proud to introduce our Solar Operating Lease to prospective commercial clients 💥. This contract allows companies to pay a fixed monthly amount for the energy consumption they generate ...

8 Mar, 2020

Why Focusing on Price will COST you in the End

Solar isn’t a quick and cheap job 🚫. Because it operates and lasts for years, this long-term investment requires long-term thinking. Don’t just focus on the price 💥– you’ll e ...

1 Mar, 2020

Our Main Reason to Operate as a Business

Sure, we know a thing or two about solar panels…but this isn’t our main reason for operating ☝️. Our goal is to reduce your energy costs and improve our environment; not just once b ...