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16 Jan, 2022

Our Guide To Understanding The Common Mistakes Of Solar

As Perth’s original Solar Energy specialist since 2009, we are as dedicated to solar energy education as we are to providing solar systems. Experience shows you are far less likely to fall prey to t ...

10 Jan, 2022

Make Your Switch Today With Our Simple Process

Our goal is to reduce your energy costs and improve our environment; not just once but over and over again in the years to come. When you engage our services we will: - Assess how and when you use el ...

7 Nov, 2021

How To Gain Independence From Corporate Energy Retailers

When you continue using regular electricity from the grid you’re continuing your dependency on the grid which is exposure to energy retailers’ investment in their stakeholders. As a result, yo ...

31 Oct, 2021

Why You Should Switch To Solar As Soon As Possible

A fossil-fuel-free future is guaranteed and sooner than you realise before we know it, there won’t be a choice! From charging our homes to our cars, to our businesses, the power of renewables is th ...

24 Oct, 2021

How Get Greener NRG Can Help You Save Money On Your Energy Bill

With our tailor-made solutions, you can feed your solar-generated energy directly into your home or business in real-time and send excess energy to the grid for a financial return, or into your batter ...

17 Oct, 2021

Why The Huawei Luna Battery Will Be Your Ultimate Investment

If you’ve installed a Huawei Hybrid inverter then we’ve got the product for you! The New Luna Battery has arrived helping you store your solar-generated power so you never have to buy from ...

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