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9 Feb, 2020

Learn more about our Rent-To-Buy Options

We understand that solar can be an investment that may be difficult for businesses to afford right now. Not every company can balance their books in favour of a solar install, but we believe there i ...

2 Feb, 2020

Learn about Our Main Mission

Our mission has been simple, but always remains the same ⬇️. To provide long-lasting, high-performing, quality solar solutions at competitive prices. This is our one way to support families an ...

29 Jan, 2020

The Process Involved in making the Switch

A comprehensive solar power system like this one doesn’t come easy ☝️. It takes a lot of planning, intuitive design and a good team to put it together. It may be a significant investment ...

22 Jan, 2020

Making an Easy Switch To Solar

Going solar can be an easy and seamless switch 👍… But there are things you need to know to make the process easier… Empower yourself and protect your investment by knowing a few fac ...

15 Jan, 2020

The Quality of your Products Matter

It’s not just the quality of the solar panels that matter ☝️. We use top-notch products for ALL aspects of your solar power system. This means selecting products that not only have a sol ...

8 Jan, 2020

A Sea of Solar Panels

Working in a sea of solar panels today 🤩! It’s pretty great knowing that homeowners all around WA are doing everything they can to incorporate green and sustainable solutions in their daily ...