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Who Can you Trust with your Solar Investment?


Are you thinking solar but don’t know who to trust? With solar being in significant demand in WA, it’s easy to get caught up in the noise of what some solar providers offer. Cheap systems, fast turnaround times, tack-it-and-go options…do not fall for any of these! Solar is a long-term investment, and just like with any investment, it’s good to take your time in finding the right solar installer. Suppose you are ready to commit to solar energy and are looking for more guidance. In that case, we offer you an obligation free consultation with our Director and Clean Energy Council (CEC) member Gary Rawling. Besides being a reputable solar provider in our community, we are committed to providing the best service by following industry standards and ensuring that YOU are protected. To learn more about our work, book a no obligation 20-minute consultation with our team -