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Behind The Scenes behind a Proper Installation


Solar is not a tack-it-and-leave-it kind of service ☝️. Here’s just how much work is involved to ensure your system is working properly ⬇️. There are several checks and balances that need to occur before you are given the reigns with your new solar system. The on site team might test and fully check the performance of your system, but the inspection process doesn’t end there 💥. Legally, a Safety Certificate is required to be signed by the CEC accredited installer that was responsible for the work. Don’t accept anything but an in-person seal of approval, either, as this certificate must be presented to you in person and on site. Current CEC policies do not allow unqualified team members to provide the Safety Certificate on behalf of the qualified installer. Make sure the CEC Accredited team member is on site and provides you with the documents IN PERSON. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions about your new system if you have any concerns about the installation process. For more tips, download our eBook - “Top 7 Solar Mistakes that Solar Consultants Won’t Tell You”: