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Why working with a Solid Team Matters


There’s a certain value and benefit with working with an in-house team versus contractors. Here’s why ⬇️. While it’s common to communicate directly with the principal installer, chances are, they’ll be working with a team to get your system up and running. There’s an increased level of ownership with an in-house team, as all members have been fully vetted by the company. They’re more likely to understand that this is a long-term investment, and that everything needs to be considered carefully with open and transparent communication. If your solar provider does use contractors for the job, it’s a good idea to ask questions about how long they’ve been using these contractors and their vetting process. When you have a team behind your installation that understands what’s on the line, you’ll have a better experience before, during and after the entire process. For more tips, download our eBook - “Top 7 Solar Mistakes that Solar Consultants Won’t Tell You”: