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How To Properly Budget Solar


We get it – balancing a family or business budget is HARD 💥. There’s no indication that the rising costs of electricity will ever slow down any time soon… This is one of the biggest reasons (and benefits) with switching to solar… There’s no question that solar has immense long-term benefits that any home or business owner can take advantage of… But the most important step to take is to make a proper investment in your solar system… This means doing plenty of research, choosing quality products that offer solid warranties for Australian consumers… The biggest and costliest mistake you can ever make with solar is relying heavily on cheap products to make an inexpensive system… These are sub-par products that are likely to break down within the first few years of performance… The cost and time involved in fixing these products can easily be prevented if you make the proper decision right from the get-go… Choose quality over quantity! For more tips, download our eBook - “Top 7 Solar Mistakes that Solar Consultants Won’t Tell You”: